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So, i kept my promise and i finally made a follow forever! :)
I just want to say thank you to all the blogs i listed above, you make my dash what it is, and it is fantastic. 
Maybe i missed someone and i’m sorry for that, i’m a mess.

Thank you so much!!! ♥

It really makes me happy, even though this blog has been inactive for a while… I do plan to bring it back to life soon, I hope :)

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Your One Piece Volume edits are FLAWLESS! Please keep up the good work :)

Thank you so much!!

Those words… they really made happy!! You have no idea. So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I’ll keep trying my best ^^

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One Piece: Chapter 18 - Buggy, the “Clown Pirate” [x]

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I’ve hit 100 followers!!! YAY!!

Thank you everyone for following this shitty blog ;)

Tumblr doesn’t notify me when some one starts following me on this blog anymore ;_; Why?!?

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One Piece: Volume 2 chapters

[V2] [ 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 ]

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One Piece: Volume 2 - Versus The Buggy Pirate Crew [x]

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One Piece: Chapter 17 - High Level, Low Level [x]

[you may delete this in case you reblog this please]

So I got 3 people saying they prefer a blank background and no one defending the other option (and I guess those are as much answers I will get, and honestly, more than I expected xD)

So here’s the ‘blank background’ version for Chapter 17 cover, opposed to this one.

I’ll probably delete that one, later.

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No prob :D I like your blog a lot, is always funny see old One Piece color spread and panels!

Aww!! I really appreciate that ^^

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I prefer blank background from the start, but its probably more difficult to do for you, isnt it?

Actually, in terms of difficulty, I think it is the exact same thing x)

Thank you ;D

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Hello followers!!

I need your opinion, okay?

Can you tell me which one you like better? 1 or 2

Black and white picture there from the start, or blank background from the start?

I honestly don’t know which is worst, so your opinion really is important for me =).

Thank you

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